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Young Marvel Heroes Gift Exchange

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a Marvel fanworks gift exchange with a focus on (but not limited to) the young heroes
This is a Marvel fanworks gift exchange with a focus on -but not limited to- the young heroes in Marvel Comics.

The rules are simple; 400 word minimum, be polite and if you cannot get your entry in by the due date contact me to let me know.

Sign-ups Due: November 05, 2010
Gift Assignments Go Out: November 10, 2010
Gifts Due: December 15, 2010
Gifts Posted: December 20-30, 2010

The template for signing up is below, but can also be found here; http://community.livejournal.com/ymgiftexchange/301.html
<b>Preferred Pairing/Character</b>: (you can list as many -within reason- as you like; the more options you give, the easier it is for me to match you up.)
<b>Things you'd like</b>:
<b>Things you wouldn't like</b>: (a pairing you hate, a genra, a story arc you are in denial about, or anything else you don't want (ie; M!preg))
<b>Prompt</b>:  (self-explanatory, somehing to give the author to go on)
<b>Series you know/can write</b>: (please list all (ie; Avengers, X-Men, ect.) so I don't assign you something you haven't read/don't follow)
<b>What you can do</b>: (are you slash/het/gen only? Do you rock PWPs? This is where to say so!)
<b>What you can't do</b>: (any ratings, genras, characters, ect, this is where to tell me)
<b>Available to pinch-hit?</b>:

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