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Young Marvel Heroes Gift Exchange

October 16th, 2010

(no subject) @ 10:22 am


LiveJournal: milleniumrex
E-mail: millenniumrex @ yahoo . com (remove spaces)
Preferred Pairing/Character: Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, Rikki Barnes/Anya Corazon, (Ultimate)Jessica Drew/MJ Watson, (Ultimate)Gwen Stacy/MJ Watson, Nico Minoru/Karolina Dean, Karolina Dean/Julie Power, Mercury/Surge
Things you'd like: Femslash, hurt/comfort, fluff, romance
Things you wouldn't like: Extreme angst, darkfic, NC-17 kink, PWP.
Prompt: The best ways to cheer up your girlfriend when an injury has her stuck in bed.

Series you know/can write: Runaways, New X-Men, Young Avengers, Initiative/Academy, Young Allies, Ultimate Spider-Man.
What you can do: Gen, het, slash, most genres.
What you can't do: NC-17, PWP, mpreg.
Available to pinch-hit?: Yes

October 14th, 2010

(no subject) @ 11:07 am


LiveJournal: fullmetal_cute/dorksidefiker
E-mail: fullmetal_the_cute @ yahoo.com
Preferred Pairing/Character:
Characters: Anole, Trauma, Pixie, Wiccan, Surge, Amadeus Cho, Speed, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Klara Prast, Victor Mancha, Loa, Mettle, the Scarlet Spiders, Nezhno

Pairings: Wiccan/Hulkling, Nezhno/Pixie Nico/Speed, Speed/Surge, Speed/Pixie, Wiccan/Anole, Anole/Hellion, Anole/Speed, Anole/Amadeus Cho, Pixie/Magik, Anole/Trauma, Anole/Wiccan/Hulkling, Anole/Victor Mancha, Anole/Nezhno, Anole/Pat the Scarlet Spider... y'know, just assume that as long as Anole is involved, I'll go for it.
Things you'd like: Wise man once say: the internet is really really great for porn, so if it can be porny, the huzzah! Barring that, I'd like something happy, or at least as happy as anyone can get in the Marvel universe.
Things you wouldn't like: Remember what I said about wanting something happy, right up there? That pretty much rules out fics in which things go horribly wrong for everyone and don't get fixed in the end. Yes, I'm a sap.
Prompt: It's not always about the big battles against oppression, genocide, or plain old stupidity.

Series you know/can write: X-Men, Young Avengers, Avengers: the Initiative, Avengers Academy, Runaways
What you can do: As long as it's not incest or doesn't involve scat or Daken, I can do pretty much anything, het, gen, or slash.
What you can't do: Daken, Incest, Pedophilia, scat
Available to pinch-hit?: Sure.

October 13th, 2010

sign-up form @ 10:42 pm

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative

This is the sign-up form for the exchange. Copy & paste it into a new post in the comm (or email it to me at pixie[at]submystic[dot]com) and fill it out.. Simple, huh? So are the rules, which can be found on the profile page.
<b>Preferred Pairing/Character</b>: (you can list as many -within reason- as you like; the more options you give, the easier it is for me to match you up.)
<b>Things you'd like</b>:
<b>Things you wouldn't like</b>: (a pairing you hate, a genra, a story arc you are in denial about, or anything else you don't want (ie; M!preg))
<b>Prompt</b>:  (self-explanatory, somehing to give the author to go on)
<b>Series you know/can write</b>: (please list all (ie; Avengers, X-Men, ect.) so I don't assign you something you haven't read/don't follow)
<b>What you can do</b>: (are you slash/het/gen only? Do you rock PWPs? This is where to say so!)
<b>What you can't do</b>: (any ratings, genras, characters, ect, this is where to tell me)
<b>Available to pinch-hit?</b>:


Young Marvel Heroes Gift Exchange